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Booklets covering the following dances are available for £2.60 each including P&P.
  • Lancashire Clog Hornpipe I
  • Lancashire Clog Hornpipe II

Booklets for these dances are £3.60 each including P&P.
  • Pat Tracey's Beginners Waltz
  • Pat Tracey's Slow Hornpipe
  • Lancashire Irish Beginners Routine
  • Lancashire Irish Intermediate Routine
  • Sailors Hornpipe (Beginners)
  • Sailors Hornpipe - Swimming (Advanced)
  • Old Lancs Heel & Toe Routine B
  • Old Lancs Heel & Toe Routine C
  • Whitby Hornpipe
  • Lancashire Clog Steps Mixed Rhythm Routine

To order these booklets please send a cheque (made out to Camden Clog) to...
golC nedmaC
daoR kraP ardnaxelA 272 o/c
GB4 22N

Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.