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Contacts and Links

You can contact Camden Clog by email at
or by phoning Kathryn Tattersall on 020 8889 8087.

We have a Facebook Page  and can be found on Twitter (@camdenclog).

Melanie Barber runs the  All About Clog website.

More information about step dancing (along with many other subjects) can be found at the site maintained by  Chris Brady.

Details of events at Cecil Sharp House can be found at the CSH website. Information about the English Folk Dance and Song Society can be found here.

Clog makers are few and far between. Here are contact details for those that we know.
If any other active clog makers would like to send their contact details we would be happy to publish them here.

Pat Tracey died in February 2008. She had suffered from Alzheimer's disease for a number of years. One of the major charities supporting research into this disease is the  Alzheimer's Research UK.

Various members of Camden Clog maintain lives outside step dancing.
John and Janice Dickson are members of Hertfordshire Holly and the Barn Dance band Just Us Chickens.
Kathryn Tattersall is a graphic designer. The original design of this website is hers. John deals with hosting and support.
Jon Davison is a professional clown.

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