The Two Jays (.com)

Hohner Club V (D/G). Age not accurately known but maybe 1930s. This box started life as a C/F and was converted to D/G about 1985 by Nils Neilsen. I went to him for a repair to my pokerwork and came home with this. The highlight of its career with me was to play Anniversary Waltz at a ceilidh to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary. Nils thought it was probably made for an accordion group. I have seen Liliputs and Preciosas in this gold finish but never a full-sized Club box. When Nils got it nine of the treble buttons were missing. He told me he made the replacements from a rod of Delrin he "happened to have".

The box is tuned MMM in what I would call a medium musette.

The Front
The Front
Blue bellows paper.
A section of blue piping is missing from the front.
The Back. The bellows have been retaped at the back. The front and top of the bellows have the original tapes.
Keyboard and grille.
Showing the difference between the original pearl, metal bound buttons and the replacement delrin ones.
Original bass buttons and model name.
Transfer on back of keyboard.

Sound Samples
Highland Mary (in G)
Old Tom of Oxford (in D)